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Message from Ken Ham about Ark Project and Media Attention

Well, we shouldn’t be surprised. Within a few days of the bond offering officially launching for the Ark Encounter, secularists began attacking Answers in Genesis, the Ark project, me personally, and the bond offering.

A number of very negative blogs and articles have appeared on the Internet and elsewhere against the bond issue. These people do not want this incredible, evangelistic project to be funded.

Here are just a few quotes from one of those articles posted on the heavily trafficked website of Slate.com by Mark Stern, who “writes about science, the law, and LGBT issues”:

As president of Answers in Genesis, Ham has already gifted us with a bizarre series of children’s books and an unforgettable creationist museum. . . .

The ark’s exhibits will likely follow the lead of the Creation Museum, intertwining spectacularly weird animatronics, comically idiotic sophism, and menacing warnings of cultural decay. . . .

Ham is as much a showman as an evangelist; he preaches a twisted gospel of willful ignorance. He wants us to view the Ark Encounter as a delightful amusement park doubling as a fulfillment of the Gospel. Take a closer look, though, and it’s easy to see the ark park for what it actually is: a wreck.

I remember the time when one of my friends said to me years ago, “When you stand on the Devil’s toes, he reacts. You guys must be kicking him in the shins!”

When we stepped out in faith to build the Creation Museum years ago and the atheists began rallying intense opposition against us, they also made all sorts of false accusations about AiG (and me personally). I was even accused by one lady of being “like [suicide cult leader] Jim Jones, coming to get our kids.” Secularists were labeling us as a “cult” and doing all they could, using ad hominem attacks, to try to discourage people from supporting the museum.

Many of you will probably recall that because of all the museum opposition (just a minority of people, by the way—but they were aggressive), the county commissioners ruled against the rezoning we had been granted by the planning commission for the Creation Museum. However, as a result, we ended up with a piece of property that was so much better—right at an interstate interchange (exit 11 on I-275). Even better, because of the support we received from all around the country from people rallying to our side, we decided to build a far bigger and much more high-tech museum. What blessings we saw amidst the intense opposition!

That’s why in 2007 at the opening of the Creation Museum, right in front of the secular media and other guests, I stated that God used the atheists to enable the Creation Museum to be a far bigger outreach than we had ever imagined. (Two million people have now visited.) I then quoted this verse of Scripture:

“But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.” (Genesis 50:20)

The attacks we are now seeing on the Ark’s bond offering once again just confirm for me that the Enemy does not want this project to go ahead. Actually, the opposition encourages me. You see, if we weren’t involved in a project that should have a massive impact on the hearts and lives of people, I don’t believe we would see this sort of opposition. And as our research has shown, the Ark outreach is projected to reach millions of more souls than even the Creation Museum!

From what I’ve noticed in the media, Internet, and elsewhere about the Ark bonds over the past few days, I believe the opposition to the Ark project and the negative articles will only increase.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of this powerful outreach. More than ever, this nation needs Christians to make a very public stand for the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

I am reminded of the struggles the Apostle Paul went through as he spread the gospel message:

For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries . . . . Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:9, 13)

Amidst the opposition, I trust we will all “watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.” Keep praying. Thank you.

Sincerely in Christ,


Ken Ham


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