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Dr. David Menton

Dr. David Menton

Award-winning professor and creation speaker

Dr. Menton was awarded "Professor of the Year" in 1998 while associate professor of anatomy at the respected Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis -- now a professor emeritus (he holds a PhD in cell biology from an Ivy League school, Brown University). As a full-time researcher and speaker with Answers in Genesis, Dr. Menton has seen audiences of all ages enjoy his well-illustrated (and often humorous) presentations on a variety of fascinating topics, such as the human body, feathers and birds, and the Scopes trial. Since AiG's high-tech and popular Creation Museum opened in 2007, he has been interviewed by several media outlets, including ABC-TV's World News Tonight with Charles Gibson, January 2008 and has lectured frequently at the museum.

"Dr. Menton presented at Mt. Hood Community College (Oregon), and two evolution profs were firing questions after each of David's 40-minute presentations. When most of the audience had left, one of the students came up and said, referring to the profs, 'Those guys were playing T-ball against the Yankees (Dr. Menton).'

"I love that comment."

-- Craig H., Portland, Oregon

NOTE: For those unfamiliar with T-ball, it is a children's version of baseball where there is no pitcher; instead, the batter simply hits the ball off a 2-foot high tee -- like a long golf tee -- so that it is very easy to hit.

By the way, Dr. Menton wants to let AiG supporters know that he has a burden to reach teens and college students with the creation/gospel message. When speaking at a seminar or church, he likes to add on speaking engagements at nearby colleges or high schools, so please think about that possibility when considering this excellent communicator as a speaker in your area (call 1-859-727-2222 ext. 403 for information).

Resources available from this speaker:

War of the Worldviews (Softcover)
"Excellent!" Ken Ham and eight other authors address 12 of the biggest issues confronting modern culture!
The Evolutionary Controversy (DVD)
Dr. Menton shows how designs of nature clearly display God's handiwork.
Dinosaurs by Design (DVD)
Dinosaurs were the special creation of a Master Designer!
Lucy—She’s No Lady! (DVD)
Dr. David Menton shows that the famous “Lucy” fossils belong to a knuckle-walking, apelike creature … who was not a lady!
Inherently Wind: A Hollywood History of the Scopes Trial (DVD)
Dr. David Menton exposes the distortions and inaccuracies in the play and movie Inherit the Wind.
The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye (DVD)
A journey into the marvelous intricacies of the human ear and eye, which have the clear stamp of the Creator and leave skeptics speechless!
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made (DVD)
The question is not when does life begin, but when does a person begin?
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