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Dr. Donald DeYoung

Dr. Donald DeYoung

Dr. Don DeYoung chairs the Mathematics/Science Department at Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana. He has taught at Grace since since 1972 with sabbatical leaves in California, Europe, and the South Pacific. He is currently president of the Creation Research Society with 1,700 members worldwide. Don speaks on many creation topics including astronomy, the Genesis Flood, design, and dinosaurs. He also conducts hands-on workshops for children with Bible-science activities. Dr. DeYoung and his wife Sally have three married daughters. In their local church Don is an elder and small group leader. His writings have appeared in many journals. He also has written sixteen books on Bible-science topics including object lessons for children.

Resources available from this speaker:

Our Created Moon (Softcover)
Answers 63 questions about the “lesser light,” which God placed in earth’s orbit.
Astronomy and Creation (Softcover)
A refreshing alternative to evolutionary thinking about the origin of the universe.
Astronomy and the Bible (Softcover)
Answers to 110 questions on astronomy and the universe.
Weather and the Bible (Softcover)
Questions on weather-related topics are answered from the Christian perspective.
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