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Buddy Davis

Buddy Davis

Speaker, author, illustrator, singer/songwriter, adventurer & dinosaur sculptor!

Gifted by God in many ways, Buddy Davis is a speaker and singer/songwriter for AiG. He is an adventurer and paleo-artist, and he leads the very popular “Creation Adventure” children’s workshop at AiG conferences. Buddy plays many acoustic instruments, and his music is enjoyed around the world.

As a speaker for AiG, Buddy’s talks cover a wide range of topics. Whether geared for adults, children, or the whole family, Buddy’s messages are aimed at the lay audience. His easy-to-understand style makes him popular with listeners of all ages.

Wild Game Dinners

A Wild Game Dinner featuring Buddy Davis provides your church a unique evangelistic opportunity to reach outdoorsmen in your community with the saving message of Jesus Christ. The event usually involves a meal of wild game prepared by local outdoorsmen, and a time of folk/Appalachian style music presented by Buddy Davis. The event concludes with Buddy sharing hunting stories and the Gospel message.

To book Buddy for a Wild Game Dinner or to ask about his other speaking ministries just call Answers in Genesis at 1-800-350-3232 ext. 403.

As an author and illustrator of children’s and family books, Buddy is once again able to minister to a wide range of people. Fiction and non-fiction, print and audio, Buddy’s easy-to-read style is perfect for family read-aloud time and classroom use.

As a songwriter, the sole purpose of Buddy’s music is to uphold the authority of God’s Word and draw people to a closer walk with Jesus Christ, our Creator and Savior. Hard-hitting songs like “Godly Men” and “I Believe” (written by Buddy) have ministered to many. Buddy plays a variety of folk-style instruments (e.g., guitar, mandolin, harmonica, et al.), and his down-home-America singing style is pleasing to all.

Buddy’s greatest adventure happened in the north of the Alaskan tundra (within the Arctic Circle) with his search for dinosaur bones. His exploration for Noah’s Ark took him to Mt. Ararat in Turkey. Buddy is easily recognized in his explorer clothes and trademark hat. This image allows Buddy to connect with families in a special way, and the children always recognize him as the star of the Creation Adventure Team award-winning videos.

As a “paleo-artist,” Buddy specializes in building life-size dinosaur sculptures. He has sculpted more than 60 impressive dinosaur models, many of which have found a new home in the AiG Creation Museum. His work has been featured worldwide in newspapers, magazines, books and on television.

Resources available from this speaker:

Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel (Double DVD)
Join Ken Ham and Buddy Davis for this upbeat educational video.
The Creation Adventure Team: A Jurassic Ark Mystery (DVD; Includes English & Spanish)
Explore a dinosaur museum and discover incredible answers to the amazing mystery of the giant lizards.
The Creation Adventure Team: Six Short Days, One Big Adventure (DVD; Includes English & Spanish)
Watch as the Creation Adventure Team reveals the wonders of the six days of creation.
Buddy Davis: Never Ending Love (CD)
Story songs about the importance of commitment in marriage and family relationships.
The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure (Softcover)
Experience the excitement of five creationist explorers on their exciting trip to Alaska in search of frozen dinosaur bones!
Whale of a Story (Hardcover)
Join Captain John Fisher and his men on the Southern Cross.
Buddy Davis: Soar (CD)
Unforgettable, God-honoring music that you'll treasure for a lifetime.
Buddy Davis: Creation Musical Adventures (Double CD)
Includes 10 new songs and 11 favorites re-recorded with a new, exciting style!
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