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Dr. David Crandall

Dr. David R. Crandall has been involved in full-time ministry for nearly 40 years. He began his ministry as a youth pastor and senior pastor of three dynamic churches in the states of New York and Indiana.

After his pastoral ministry, Dr. Crandall served 12 years as international director of Gospel Literature Services in Schaumburg, Illinois. He led this ministry to publish and translate Christian literature in 117 different languages and expand into 138 countries. He has led numerous mission trips, including 17 tours of the Holy Land, and has conducted ministries at the Olympic games.

Overall, Dr. Crandall has ministered cross-culturally in 90 different countries. In his final year at GLS, the ministry distributed gospel literature to some 350 million people.

In 2006, God directed Dr. Crandall to join the team at Answers in Genesis. He was named international director of Answers WorldWide and is currently responsible for taking AiG?s creation ministry around the world. Answers WorldWide is translating, publishing, and distributing AiG materials to the mission fields of the world. Dr. Crandall also brings international Christian leaders to the Creation Museum in the U.S. for training and provides AiG libraries to Bible schools and seminaries around the world.

Answers WorldWide is establishing associate relationships with creation ministries around the world and thus is greatly expanding the creation movement globally. The ministry is also working to establish national creation ministries in many countries around the the world. These new ministries will function in their countries like AiG functions in the U.S. and U.K.

For 30 years Dr. Crandall has served on the executive board of the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

David and his wife, Diana, have four grown children who all live in the U.S.: Lisa (Philadelphia), Amy (Clarks Green, Pennsylvania), Pastor David Jr. (Indianapolis), and Stefanie (Cold Springs, Kentucky). All of their children are married and the Crandalls enjoy spending time with their 10 grandchildren.

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