Dr. Andrew Snelling

Dr. Andrew Snelling, one of the world’s most respected creation scientists specializing in geological studies, joined Answers in Genesis in 2007 as the organization’s new director of research, and also as a speaker for layperson and technical audiences. The addition of Dr. Snelling has further confirmed AiG’s effort to meet the highest standards in its research in creation studies.

Dr. Snelling, who spent considerable time serving as a consultant in developing the AiG Creation Museum’s large flood-geology room, becomes AiG’s first full-time Ph.D. in the field of geology. Dr. Snelling earned his Ph.D. degree in geology from the University of Sydney in Australia.

Dr. Snelling has extensive experience working in the mining industry in Australia. One of his main areas of research has been the study of methods used in dating rocks, a key area of research for groups like AiG, which are convinced of a young age for the earth. Snelling’s research, for example, has shown different radioisotope dates on the same rock samples. In addition, Dr. Snelling’s research has indicated that radioactive decay rates must not have been constant in the past, citing the halos in rock crystals, which clearly show radioactive decay was accelerated in the past.


The Flood: The “Big Picture” of its Mechanism and Resulting Evidences
An overview of how catastrophic plate tectonics (continental split and sprint) explains the global scale evidences for the Flood and its aftermath.

Noah’s Flood and the Earth’s Age: Crucial Apologetics for Reaching Today’s Global Culture
It will be shown that without the millions of years molecules-to-man evolution is impossible, which is why defending Noah’s Flood is crucial in our apologetics.

Radioactive and Radiocarbon Dating of Rocks and Fossils: Turning Foe into Friend
The evidence of accelerated radioactive decay renders radioactive dating of rocks grossly inaccurate, though still often a relative dating tool, while young radiocarbon ages for fossils confirm a young earth and the Flood.

Radiohalos: Evidence of Accelerated Radioactive Decay and Catastrophic Geological Processes
The formation of uranium and polonium radiohalos in granites and metamorphic rocks at the same time requires accelerated radioactive decay, and very rapid granite formation and metamorphism processes.

Grand Canyon: Testimony to the Biblical Account of Earth History
An overview of how and where the rocks of Grand Canyon fit into the biblical account of earth history, detailing the evidences for when they formed from the Creation Week through to after the Flood, including how and when the canyon was eroded and the dating of the canyon’s rocks.

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