Dan Lietha

Dan had been aware of a number of creation ministries for quite some time. His interest in biblical creation really grew as Dan was introduced to a video series featuring Ken Ham and Dr. Gary Parker in the late ’80s. That video series lit a fire and Dan began to collect as much information on biblical creation as he could find. Dan viewed many videos, read lots of books and listened to a lot of cassette tapes. Through it all, his favorite creation speaker continued to be Ken Ham.

As a direct result of Ken’s “Creation Evangelism” message, Dan started a comic strip in 1994 called CreationWise. This was his little personal home project to try to get the church to start thinking about the importance on the book of Genesis. The comic strip was produced every week or two as Dan was able, which was used by his church and a local creation group in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. It was a small step, but it was a start.

Later that year, Dan learned that Ken Ham would be speaking within a two-hour drive of where Dan lived at the time. In preparation to meeting Ken, Dan sent samples of his CreationWise comic strips to the growing ministry in Kentucky. Dan received a phone call from this ministry in early 1995 requesting information on his availability to work on a children’s book project. Dan illustrated the book, A Is for Adam, for them and continued to volunteer his art services for Ken Ham for about 2 years. In 1997 Answers in Genesis hired Dan Lietha as their full-time staff cartoonist/illustrator. His humorous and thought-challenging illustrations can be found in almost every AiG-produced book and video; The Seven C’s of History, Beginnings, and Questions curricula; Presentation Library; the CreationWise strip, which appears in the monthly newsletter; and the After Eden comic, which was compiled into the book Welcome to Life After Eden.


How to Create Power Images that Make a Point
AiG cartoonist/illustrator Dan Lietha shares his secrets on what makes a great illustration and what doesn’t.

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