Daniel Lewis

Motivated by his passionate desire to serve the Lord as Answers in Genesis’s digital designer, Daniel designs illustrations for AiG’s international speakers as well as creates multiple websites for the ministry, including Answers VBS, Answers for Darwin, and this website. He has produced several presentation resources and companion CD-ROMs including The Seven C’s of History, Beginnings, Questions, Amazon Expedition VBS, and the flagship speakers’ resource Presentation Library. Daniel also serves as an adjunct speaker for AiG. Additionally, Daniel is a black belt martial artist, runs a successful freelance digital design business with an international clientele, and even hosts a comedy podcast.


A Little More than PowerPoint
Novice–intermediate training on PowerPoint for Windows, using AiG’s newest Presentation Library, and answering the top three questions.

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Creation College 3 July 20–24, 2009 :: Near Cincinnati, OH

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