Dr. Georgia Purdom

To our knowledge, Dr. Georgia Purdom is the first female Ph.D. scientist engaged in full-time research and speaking on the Book of Genesis for a creationist organization (i.e., which accepts Genesis as literal history, including a young earth).

Even at her young age (it was in 2000 that she received her Ph.D. in molecular genetics from Ohio State University), Dr. Purdom has already developed into an expert on the growing creation/evolution controversy. She is a compelling, dynamic lecturer. (For example, at AiG’s extremely well-attended “Creation Mega Conference” in the summer of 2005, she spoke on the topic of the Intelligent Design Movement and some of the cautions Christians should have about this growing movement.)

She is obviously also an excellent fit to speak to women’s groups (formerly unreached by AiG) and young people’s gatherings.

Dr. Purdom told AiG that “the creation and evolution issue is so important because it is foundational to biblical authority, a Christian worldview and to the whole of Christianity. Therefore, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of the issue of origins.”

Dr. Purdom became a Christian when she attended a youth camp (she was eight years old). Six years later at a Christian youth conference, she dedicated her life to serving the Lord


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