Dr. Jason Lisle

Most practicing astronomers and astrophysicists believe in the big bang, a billions-of-years-old universe and other evolutionary ideas. But based on Scripture and the best interpretation of the scientific evidence, they are simply wrong, according to Dr. Jason Lisle, speaker and researcher for Answers in Genesis.

An astrophysicist with a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Dr. Lisle is helping AiG (and the creation movement as a whole) refute the evolutionary account of origins—using his strong science background. He also helps design exciting planetarium programs for the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati, Ohio).

Dr. Lisle is not the stereotypical “egg-head” research scientist who has difficulty communicating at a layman’s level. In addition to his talks on astronomy, he has developed excellent, well-illustrated videos The Relevance of Genesis and Creation: Science Confirms the Bible Is True.


Creation Astronomy
The universe declares God's glory and confirms biblical creation.

The Ultimate Proof for Creation
There is an argument for biblical creation that is so powerful that no refutation is possible.

Evolution and Logical Fallacies
Learn to spot the most common errors in reasoning used by evolutionists and old-earth creationists.

Nuclear Strength Apologetics, parts 1 and 2
By understanding the nature of the debate, and the thinking of the unbeliever biblically, we learn to refute criticism of the Christian Faith.

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