Mike Riddle

As a former world-class athlete in the multi-event decathlon (i.e., becoming proficient in ten athletic events, with each decathlon conducted over two grueling days), it’s not surprising that Mike is also versatile in his “creation evangelism” efforts. Not only will he be a speaker out on the field to conduct meetings in churches, schools and other venues, Mike will also be holding workshops in the new AiG-USA facility (within the Creation Museum) in Northern Kentucky. Thirdly, he will also help AiG develop additional curriculum materials for various age ranges on the Book of Genesis.

Mike holds a degree in mathematics and a graduate degree in education. He has been heavily involved in creation ministry for more than twenty years, and has gained such a good reputation as a speaker, that he is often a keynoter at many meetings, including various homeschool conferences in the United States. (In fact, US supporters might want to mention Mike Riddle’s name to the leaders of their statewide homeschool group and ask its program committee to consider inviting Mike to bring his talks on biblical authority.)


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Learn how to answer the best challenges of the evolutionists, such as “God could have used evolution” or “We can agree to disagree.”

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