Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Tommy, an adjunct speaker with Answers in Genesis since mid-2005, has spoken to thousands of adults, youth, and children in a variety of settings, clearly communicating reasons to trust the Bible and the Creator Christ who wrote it. He has written articles for AiG’s website and other publications, and he was the featured speaker during Answers in Genesis’ relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, resulting in a Telly award-winning DVD, A God of Suffering?

As a scientist, physician, and father, Dr. Mitchell has a burden to provide solid answers from the Bible to equip people to stand in the face of personal tragedy and popular evolutionary misinformation. Using communication skills developed over many years of medical practice, he is able to connect with people at all educational levels and unveil the truth that can change their lives.


Jurassic Prank: A Dinosaur Tale
Jurassic Prank examines the movie Jurassic Park to show how the world indoctrinates us with evolutionary theories and suppositions. This presentation shows how dinosaurs really fit into history while debunking many of the popular fallacies about these creatures.

Modern Medicine and Ancient Authority
Human health issues in light of Scripture. How do we understand viruses and bacteria? Does the Bible address issues relevant to modern medicine?

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