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Thank you for your passion to share God’s truth through Answers in Genesis. The following pages contain the essence of what the certified volunteer Video Conference Coordinator (VCC) does and the qualities this ministry requires.

Let’s begin!

The role of the Video Conference Coordinator is to help Answers in Genesis fulfill its commitment to churches and Christian groups who request a speaking engagement.

In order to meet the growing demand for our teaching meetings, Answers in Genesis is announcing a video conference ministry. We simply cannot meet the requests for live speakers in a timely and/or cost effective manner. We have designed a video conference program to help meet this need through trained, certified volunteers.

Your responsibilities will involve working with church leadership to maintain and nurture a positive relationship, helping the church promote the event throughout its community and within the congregation and above all, ensure the high quality standards and content of an AiG conference.

AiG will work with the Video Conference Coordinator and the requesting organization to schedule the times, dates and the program content. Once coordinated, it will be the Video Conference Coordinator’s responsibility to manage the details as mentioned above.

Please review each of the pages in this process to become familiarized with the process required for this missionary opportunity. Thank you for your dedication to upholding God’s Word and for your assistance in helping Answers in Genesis fulfill our commission.

To begin, please read our Mission Statement and our Statement of Faith (links will open in a new window, just close each window to continue):

Please download and share the brochure below about this evangelical ministry:

ECFA Evangelical Press Association BBB Accredited Charity