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Ancient “Fossil Reefs”—Formed in the Flood? Apr 23, 2014
Cosmos Review: “The Clean Room” Apr 22, 2014
A Myth About Ark Encounter Funds That Won’t Die Apr 22, 2014
Hollywood’s Flood Legend Apr 21, 2014
The Ultimate Proof Apr 20, 2014
Review: Your Inner Reptile Apr 19, 2014
Ten Concerns with the Noah Movie Apr 18, 2014
News to Know: Diamond with Ringwoodite Reveals Water Deep in Earth’s Mantle Apr 17, 2014
Radioisotope Dating of Meteorites: I. The Allende CV3 Carbonaceous Chrondrite Apr 16, 2014
Bill Nye and I Have Different Accounts of Our Debate Apr 16, 2014
Cosmos Review: “Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still” Apr 15, 2014
God’s Recent Provision for the Ark Encounter Apr 14, 2014
Answers spring bonus article: Resurrection—No Doubt About It Apr 13, 2014
Review: Your Inner Fish Apr 12, 2014
Movie Review: The Unbelievers Are Unbelievable Apr 11, 2014
News to Know: “Little Foot” Bids for Status as Humanity’s Most Ancient Ancestor Apr 10, 2014
Radiohalos—Solving the Mystery of the Missing Bullets Apr 9, 2014
Cosmos Review: “Hiding in the Light” Apr 8, 2014
Is God Omnipotent? Apr 7, 2014
Time to Square with Hollywood about Noah Apr 6, 2014
Answers spring sneak peek: Placing the Cross in History Apr 6, 2014
News to Know: Genetic Links Between Lion Lineages Traced to Common Ancestor Apr 5, 2014
Feedback: Does Archaeology Prove the Bible Is Right About Camels? Apr 4, 2014
News to Know: Arctic Tyrannosaur Takes the Prize for Being Petite Apr 3, 2014
The Human GULO Pseudogene—Evidence for Evolutionary Discontinuity and Genetic Entropy Apr 2, 2014
Cosmos Review: “A Sky Full of Ghosts” Apr 1, 2014


News to Know: “Field-Evolved Resistance” Leaves Rootworms to Ravage Corn Crops Mar 31, 2014
Answers spring sneak peek: Questions about Metamorphosis? Get Answers! Mar 30, 2014
The Noah Movie: Our Detailed Review Mar 29, 2014
Noah Movie Review: An Unbiblical Film Mar 28, 2014
What We Know of Noah and the Ark in the Bible Mar 28, 2014
News to Know: Sea Anemone’s Genome Said to Show Evolutionary Root of Plants and Animals Mar 27, 2014
Mysterious Bullet Holes in Rocks Mar 26, 2014
Cosmos Review: “When Knowledge Conquered Fear” Mar 25, 2014
Fossil Evidence of Whale Evolution? Mar 25, 2014
Was Darwin Right? Mar 24, 2014
Answers spring sneak peek: Overturning Expectations About Ancient Man Mar 23, 2014
News to Know: Whale Skull Equipped for Sonar Shows Echolocation Appears Abruptly in the Fossil Record Mar 22, 2014
An Examination of Christian Entertainment Choices and the Movie Noah Mar 21, 2014
News to Know: Reverse Evolution Causes Darwin’s Finches to Go Missing? Mar 20, 2014
Comments on the Cosmic Microwave Background Mar 19, 2014
Cosmos Review: “Some of the Things Molecules Do” Mar 18, 2014
Has Cosmic Inflation Been Proved? Mar 17, 2014
Answers spring sneak peek: Are Visits to Heaven for Real? Mar 17, 2014
Cosmos Grossly Mischaracterized the Heretic Giordano Bruno Mar 16, 2014
News to Know: Sea Sponges Challenge Traditional Evolutionary View of How Oceans Became Oxygenated Mar 15, 2014
Can Bible-Based Predictions Lead to Scientific Discoveries? Mar 14, 2014
Counting Kinds Mar 14, 2014
News to Know: Did Huh? Arise in Every Language through Convergent Evolution? Mar 13, 2014
Of Creation in General: Chapter 1 of A Body of Doctrinal Divinity Mar 12, 2014
Cosmos Review: Standing Up in the Milky Way Mar 11, 2014
The Conversation Won’t Stop Mar 11, 2014
Movie Review: Son of God Mar 10, 2014
News to Know: Does Your Dog Understand You Because You Share an Ancestral Bond? Mar 10, 2014
Creepy Crawly Plants Mar 9, 2014
Upcoming Reviews on the AiG Website Mar 8, 2014
News to Know: Thirty Million Years Didn’t Really Change China’s Jurassic Park Mar 8, 2014
Proving God’s Existence: Would You Believe If He Showed Up at Your Door? Mar 7, 2014
Debate Answers: Big Bang—The Evolution of a Theory Mar 7, 2014
Debate Answers: Doesn’t Egyptian Chronology Prove That the Bible Is Unreliable? Mar 6, 2014
News to Know: Ancient Humans of Paracas Are Victims of a Twisted Tale Mar 6, 2014
Radiohalos in Multiple, Sequentially Intruded Phases of the Bathurst Batholith, NSW, Australia: Evidence for Rapid Granite Formation during the Flood Mar 5, 2014
Romeike Family Allowed to Remain in America Mar 5, 2014
Debate Answers: What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? Mar 4, 2014
News to Know: Can Spinning Crystals Show How Life Began? Mar 4, 2014
Debate Answers: Can Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Explain Flood Geology? Mar 3, 2014
AiG and Ray Comfort on Noah and the Last Days Mar 3, 2014
Debate Answers: How Could Noah Fit the Animals on the Ark and Care for Them? Mar 2, 2014
Fire-Chasing Beetles Mar 2, 2014
News to Know: Canada’s New Cambrian Explosion: Burgess Shale Chapter Two Mar 1, 2014


News to Know: Do Tacked-on Chicken Tails Tell How T-rex Walked? Feb 28, 2014
Bill Nye the Straw Man Guy and Noah’s Ark Feb 28, 2014
Bond Offering Succeeds for Full-Size Ark Feb 27, 2014
Debate Answers: Lake Missoula—Mystery of the Megaflood Feb 27, 2014
Rocks Around the Clock: Do Zircons Contain Reliable Time Stamps and Early Earth’s Secrets? Feb 26, 2014
Update from Answers in Genesis on ‘Ark Encounter’ Design and Bond Funding Attempt Feb 26, 2014
God’s Not Dead Movie Review Feb 25, 2014
Debate Answers: Doesn’t the Order of Fossils in the Rock Record Favor Long Ages? Feb 25, 2014
News to Know: Fish Brains Grew Till We Have Faces, Evolutionists Say Feb 24, 2014
Our Real Motivation? Feb 24, 2014
Debate Answers: A Proposal for a New Solution to the Light Travel Time Problem Feb 23, 2014
Radical Evangelism Feb 23, 2014
News to Know: A Tale of Shale and Oxygen in the Explosion of Life Feb 22, 2014
Evolutionary Geologist Daniel Phelps: Afraid to Debate? Feb 22, 2014
Evolutionary Geologist Daniel Phelps: Teaching Creation Is Harmful to Children? Feb 21, 2014
Debate Answers: Did Tiktaalik’s Pelvis Prepare Fish to Walk on Land? Feb 21, 2014
Debate Answers: How Did Plants Survive the Flood? Feb 20, 2014
News to Know: Lizard Breath Fails to Support Kinship with Birds Feb 20, 2014
Debate Answers: Radiometric Dating Feb 19, 2014
An Initial Estimate toward Identifying and Numbering Extant Tuatara, Amphisbaena, and Snake Kinds Feb 19, 2014
News to Know: Ancient Footprints Place Humans in England Early In the Ice Age Feb 18, 2014
Debate Answers: How Did Defense/Attack Structures Come About? Feb 18, 2014
Debate Answers: How Did Animals Spread All Over the World from Where the Ark Landed? Feb 17, 2014
News to Know: How Cavefish Went Blind, and Why It Matters Feb 17, 2014
Debate Answers: Do Ice Cores Show Many Tens of Thousands of Years? Feb 16, 2014
Training the Next Generation Feb 16, 2014
Debate Answers: Was There Really a Noah’s Ark and Flood? Feb 15, 2014
News to Know: Why Do Arms and Legs Come in Pairs? Feb 15, 2014
Debate Answers: What Is Science? Feb 14, 2014
The Ultimate Motivation of this Prominent Theologian? Feb 14, 2014
Is Bill Nye an Expert in Astronomy? Feb 13, 2014
Preserved Through the Ages? Feb 13, 2014
Questioning Darwin: a Review Feb 12, 2014
Did the Moon Appear as Blood on the Night of the Crucifixion? Feb 12, 2014
The Theological and Geological Influences on Darwin Feb 11, 2014
News to Know: Geneticists Duel Over Dates for “Y-Chromosomal Adam” Feb 11, 2014
News to Know: The Bible Wins the Debate with Carbon-Dated Camel Bones Feb 10, 2014
A Heavy Responsibility Feb 10, 2014
Where’s the Love? Feb 9, 2014
Does the Creation Model Make Predictions? Absolutely! Feb 8, 2014
News to Know: Why Do So Many Birds Fly in a V Formation? Feb 7, 2014
Watch ABC TV’s World News Tonight Segment on the Nye/Ham Debate Feb 7, 2014
Debate Reactions Mixed Feb 6, 2014
Noah’s Journal Feb 6, 2014
Over 3 Million Tuned In Live for Historic Bill Nye and Ken Ham Evolution/Creation Debate Feb 5, 2014
Bill, There Is a Book Out There Feb 5, 2014
The Two Science Guys Feb 4, 2014
“Science Guys” Garner Huge Attention for Evolution/Creation Debate at the Creation Museum Feb 3, 2014
News to Know: How the Scorpion Got Its Sting Feb 3, 2014
Remembering The Genesis Flood Feb 2, 2014
News to Know: Did Humans Evolve from a Fish out of Water? Feb 1, 2014


Feedback: asks, “Should Scientists Debate Creationists?” Jan 31, 2014
Legends of the Flood Jan 30, 2014
News to Know: Honeybees Navigate with a Map of Polarized Light Jan 30, 2014
Public Schools and the Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate Jan 29, 2014
Feedback: Will Ken Ham “Crumble to Scientific Facts” in the Debate? Jan 28, 2014
News to Know: Fish Fins Are Not Fingers That Failed Jan 28, 2014
Does a “Recently Deciphered 4,000-Year-Old Tablet” Discredit the Genesis Account of Noah's Ark? Jan 27, 2014
Creation Museum Free to Kids in 2014! Jan 27, 2014
Gambling—Don’t Bet on Chance Jan 26, 2014
News to Know: Fossil Hand Turns Back the Clock on Tools for Human Evolution Jan 25, 2014
Feedback: Answering Wholesale Conjectures About the Nye/Ham Debate Jan 24, 2014
Putting the Ark into Perspective Jan 23, 2014
News to Know: Did Tiktaalik's Pelvis Prepare Fish to Walk on Land? Jan 23, 2014
Atheists and Their Tantrums—Dawkins Comments on Debate Jan 22, 2014
Interpreting Craters in Terms of the Day Four Cratering Hypothesis Jan 22, 2014
News to Know: Nutcracker Man’s Diet Was Rich in Brain Food After All Jan 21, 2014
Get Your College or Group to Live Stream the Bill Nye Debate Jan 20, 2014
Reaching People with the Truth of God’s Word Jan 20, 2014
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Jan 19, 2014
News to Know: Building Nutcracker Man from the Ground Up Jan 18, 2014
Examples of Critical Thinking: Biblical Application Jan 17, 2014
Free Live Streaming of Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate Jan 16, 2014
News to Know: Did Ardi Head Up Human Evolution Before Lucy? Jan 16, 2014
S.A.D. Days Jan 16, 2014
Our Impressive Immune System: More Than a Defense Jan 15, 2014
What about the Similarity Between Human and Chimp DNA? Jan 14, 2014
News to Know: Extinct Carnivore Ancestor of Lions and Tigers and Bears? (Oh My!) Jan 13, 2014
Chronology Wars Jan 12, 2014
News to Know: Fossil Flowers in Amber Don't Solve Darwin’s “Abominable Mystery” Jan 11, 2014
Examples of Critical Thinking: Scientific Application Jan 10, 2014
News to Know: Epigenetic Changes Let Mice Inherit Their Fathers’ Fears Jan 9, 2014
An Initial Estimate toward Identifying and Numbering the Ark Turtle and Crocodile Kinds Jan 8, 2014
Does the AiG Website Discriminate Against Atheists? Jan 7, 2014
News to Know: Neanderthal Toe Said to Suggest an Incestuous Culture Jan 6, 2014
It’s Nye Time to Order Debate Tickets Jan 6, 2014
What Makes the Earth Unique? Get Answers! Jan 5, 2014
News to Know: Secrets of the Messel Pit, a Fossil Graveyard Jan 4, 2014
Critical Thinking Questions Jan 3, 2014
Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate at the Creation Museum Jan 2, 2014
News to Know: Duck-billed Dinosaur's Cranial Crest Has Paleontologists Crowing Jan 2, 2014
Giving Thanks for God’s Blessing on 2013 Web Publications Jan 1, 2014
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