Is anyone out there?

What about the “water” on Mars?

Is there evidence that the universe was created?

Are any specific stars mentioned in the Bible?

What historical examples are there of scientists who made astronomical discoveries based on their understanding of biblical concepts?

Can the message of the gospel be seen in the constellations?

How did our sun and moon form and how long ago? Is there evidence for design?

What are stars and do evolutionists really know how they formed?

How can we see light from stars millions of light years away?

What astronomical evidence supports a young age for the universe?

What are red-shifts and do they really support the “big bang” evolutionary idea for the origin of the Universe where red-shifts are supposedly due to stars moving away from us at great speed?

What are some problems with the nebular hypothesis?

What are some of the problems with the big bang hypothesis?

What about black holes?

Where is the center of the universe?

What is light? Is it slowing down?

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