200 Lost Years

General topics

Do anti-creationists have a scientific case?

How do skeptics answer creationists’ design arguments? How do creationists respond?

Are there really vestigial or badly designed structures in living organisms?

What about skeptics’ arguments for billions of years and against the biblical time-scale and Noah’s Flood?

Anti-creationist lobby, Skeptics, etc.

Are evolutionists/anti-creationists really as unbiased as they claim? Are they really “neutral towards” Christianity?

How reliable are skeptics’ personal attacks on creationists? What does this teach about skeptics’ integrity?

Bible “contradictions” and “errors”

What biblical errors do skeptics claim to have found? How can these claims be answered?

Anti-Christian/anti-Bible authors: how can they be answered?

How can the bloodshed afflicted upon the Israelite’s enemies in the OT be reconciled with an all-good God? What about slavery? Or atrocities committed by professing Christians?

Does the Bible really teach a flat earth?

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