Editor’s note: AiG stands firmly on the authority of Scripture. From our study of the Bible, we are persuaded that Creation occurred in six normal-length days about 6000 years ago, and that God destroyed the earth with a global Flood about 1600 years later. Many Christians who profess to believe that the Bible is God’s Word do not accept the straightforward interpretation of Genesis and accept millions of years (and sometimes evolution also). They often admit that their interpretation of Scripture is controlled by the findings of “science,” which, in reality, are the naturalistic, uniformitarian interpretations of scientific data.

Some young-earth creationists are persuaded by Bible-based arguments that there are gaps in the genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11. They therefore believe the creation is up to 10,000–12,000 years old. While AiG does not agree with this view, we do not break fellowship with such creationists but stand shoulder to shoulder with them in opposing the evolutionary idea of millions of years.

Days of Creation

Framework Hypothesis

What is the Framework Hypothesis? Is it Biblical?

Gap Theory

How is the Gap Theory refuted by the Bible?

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