How does design provide evidence for a Creator, and is it enough?

What is the “intelligent design” movement? Do the people in this group believe in biblical creation?

What about allegations of “badly designed” features?


Are there special design features pointing to a Creator that are evident in the universe?


Could the molecular intricacies of DNA and RNA really have evolved by chance as evolutionists claim?

What is “irreducible complexity” in living organisms, and how does it offer supportive evidence for a created world?


What are some of the specially designed traits that can be found in plants?

Human Biology

How do the intricate design features of the human body rule out the possibility of evolution through “favorable mutations” over millions of years?


Is there design in mathematics itself? What about chaos and fractals?


What features in animals support the belief that they were created rather than the belief that they evolved (came about by natural processes)?

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