Fossil Clock: Just how old are the rocks?

What about Archaeoraptor and Archaeopteryx, which some evolutionists claim are “missing links” between dinosaurs and birds? Does the fossil record show that dinosaurs evolved into birds?

Is there fossil evidence that asteroid impacts have caused past extinctions?

Have any human fossils been found? If humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time, have any of their fossils been found together?

How were fossils made? Does it take a long time for fossils to form?

What other evidence shows that fossils don’t take long periods of time to form?

Is there any type of order in the fossil record?

What about “hardgrounds”?

Mammoths: What exactly are they, when did they live, how did they die, how come there are so many frozen specimens, and can they be cloned back into existence?

Does the fossil record of the horse prove evolution?

Are there really missing links? Is this a problem for particles-to-people evolution?

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