Perhaps the most common questions asked of Answers in Genesis—next to evolution and millions of years—relate to Satan, the origin of sin and evil, and the Fall of man in general. A complete understanding of this issue requires a careful examination of the Curse in Genesis 3 and other early chapters in Genesis.

In particular, Satan and the origin of evil are hot topics in today’s culture because the world denies the existence of both. For the most part, the church has few biblical resources on the subject to counter the claims raised in today’s culture. This new web series examines the origins of the problems we face today and looks closely at the bad news in Genesis. But you’ll also find hope here: the powerful good news of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice that has conquered sin, Satan, and evil once for all.

In this section, we’ll answer some of the common questions most of us face—important questions in need of solid examination. To answer them, we will carefully consider what the Bible says, since it is the only completely reliable source of information about Satan, evil in the world, and suffering.

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