What do comets tell us about the age of the solar system?

Is there evidence that our solar system is only thousands of years old, instead of the millions of years claimed by evolutionists? What about the age of stars?

How old is the moon?

How old is the sun?

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Atmospheric Science

What features of earth’s atmosphere are inconsistent with billions-of-years belief?



Can tree rings reveal how long ago Noah’s Flood took place? What about the Huon pine trees that the media claims could be as much as 30,000 years old?



Is there any geologic evidence that, contrary to evolutionary ideas, supports a young age for the earth?

What about the dating of fossils by evolutionists, who claim they are “millions of years old”?

Doesn’t it take millions of years for caves to form?

How long does it take for coal formation? What about the argument that there is too much coal for a young earth?


Does the great depth of some glaciers indicate that the earth is millions of years old?

Human History

Have archaeologists truly found Aboriginal artifacts that are about 176,000 years old? What was the dating method, and is it considered reliable?

Are human population growth studies an indicator of antiquity or youth of humanity?

Can all people be genetically traced back to one woman ancestor, as the Mitochondrial Eve hypothesis claims? How about tracing all people back to one common male ancestor?


Does it take a long time for coral reefs to form?

What oceanographic evidence points to a young age for the oceans?

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