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Jeremy L. Walter, Ph.D., P.E.

Mechanical Engineering


Dr Walter is Head of the Power Conversion Systems Department within the Energy Science and Power Systems Division (ESPS) at the Applied Research Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University (ARL/PSU). The department performs advanced analyses and develops prototype hardware for thermal power and propulsion systems, especially for air-independent applications, such as undersea vehicles. Department responsibilities include designing, building, and field-testing prototypes of undersea propulsion systems.

Background Summary

Dr Walter received a National Science Foundation fellowship for graduate study in 1975. He has since accumulated diverse experience in the broad area of mechanical engineering, including classroom instruction and corporate research and development. He joined ARL Penn State in 1981 as a team member developing advanced undersea propulsion systems. Dr Walter’s work has included design, analysis and testing of thermal-power components and systems, as well as full-system development, integration, and testing. Since 1990, Dr Walter has also had administrative responsibility for the supervision of 10-15 professionals.

Dr Walter is a registered professional engineer, and a member of ASME, the Penn State Graduate Faculty, and the research society of Sigma Xi.


  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Evan Pugh Scholar (top 0.5%), The Pennsylvania State University, 1975.

  • M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 1977.

  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 1979.


  • Married with four children.

  • Faculty Advisor for Campus Bible Fellowship (20 years), a registered Penn State student organization affiliated with Faith Baptist Church of State College, PA and Baptist Mid-Missions.

  • Life member of Creation Research Society.

  • Authored the lead article in the book In Six Days.

  • Authored a contributed article in the book On the Seventh Day.

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