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Michael Oard

Michael J. Oard

Background Information


B.S. Atmospheric Science, 1969, University of Washington

M.S. Atmospheric Science, 1973, University of Washington


1964–1966 U.S. Navy

1966–1969 Research Assistant (part time), University of Washington

1969–1970 Research Assistant (full time), University of Washington

1970–1971 Meteorologist, National Weather Service, Great Falls, MT

1972–1973 Research Assistant (part time), University of Washington

1973–2001 Meteorologist, National Weather Service — lead forecaster, Great Falls, Montana from 1981 to 2001 — now retired.

Married to Beverly Muoth, 4 children ages 20 to 30, four grandchildren.

Secular Publications

  • Reed, R.J. , M.J. Oard, and M. Sieminski, 1969. A comparison of observed and theoretical diurnal tidal motions between 30 and 60 kilometers, Monthly Weather Review 97(6):456–459.

  • Oard, M.J., 1974. Application of a diagnostic Richardson number equation to a case study of clear air turbulence, Journal of Applied Meteorology 13(7):771–777.

  • Oard, M.J., 1977. A winter season minimum temperature formula for Bakersfield, California using multiple regression, NOAA Technical Memorandum, NWS-WR/113.

  • Oard, M.J., 1980. Regression equation for the peak wind gust 6–12 hours in advance at Great Falls during strong downslope windstorms, NOAA Technical Memorandum, NWS-WR/154.

  • Oard, M.J., 1982. Baroclinic prog biases in particular weather patterns and the use of analogs, Preprints of the 9th Conference on Weather Forecasting and Analysis.

  • Oard, M.J., 1982. Peak wind gust regression equation for Great Falls 3–15 hours in advance during downslope windstorms, Preprints of the 9th Conference on Weather Forecasting and Analysis.

  • Oard, M.J., 1984. Forecasting spring storms in Montana, Preprints of the 10th Conference on Weather Forecasting and Analysis.

  • Oard, M.J., 1993. A method for prediction chinook winds east of the Montana Rockies, Weather and Forecasting 8(2):166–180.

Main Creationist Articles


  1. Oard, M.J., 1990. An ice age caused by the Genesis Flood, Institute for Creation Research, El Cajon, California.

  2. Oard, M.J. and B. Oard, 1993. Life in the great ice age, Master Books, Green Forest, Arkansas.

  3. Oard, M.J., 1997. Ancient ice ages or gigantic submarine landslides?, Creation Research Society Books.

  4. Oard, M.J., 1997. Wonders of creation — the weather book, Master Books, Green Forest, Arkansas. See also study guide.

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