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Answers in Genesis News Release

Britain's leading paper caricatures AiG!

The Sunday Times of London, perhaps the world's most prestigious English-language newspaper, more closely resembled its infamous tabloid cousins on December 26 with a mocking--and remarkably inaccurate--article about Answers in Genesis and its growing influence in the United States.

AiG's Mark Looy fired off a letter to the editor to correct the misreporting, which we re-print here...


As a former regular reader of the Sunday Times (my postgraduate study was conducted in Great Britain), I had to rub my eyes after reading the 26 December article on our organization, Answers in Genesis (AiG). I thought I was reading one of the tabloids. The piece was riddled with errors and caricatured AiG.

First, as we carefully pointed out to your correspondent, evolution was not "banned" from the schools in Kansas. This is absolutely wrong. Evolution remains in the curriculum (e.g., on p. 79 of its standards and in other sections).

The Times also incorrectly reported that Answers in Genesis is at the "forefront" of attempts to mandate the teaching of creation in schools. This, too, is absolutely wrong. In fact, we went to great lengths with the Times' reporter to dispel the myth that AiG is involved in litigation or legislation to mandate creation teaching. Futhermore, we do not even indirectly support such an effort. Our primary purpose is to educate Christians (and secondarily to non-Christians) to trust the Bible from its very first verse and to share with them the evidence from science that exposes the bankruptcy of macro-evolution.

It is unfortunate that the reporter's background research on the creation/evolution controversy was incomplete. If he had done his homework, he would have learned that the most basic tenet of the creationist model is that species are not the same as the original animal "kinds." We also argue that speciation itself has nothing to do with "molecules-to-man" evolution. (In fact, what was glaringly absent from the article was any mention of specific fossil--or other--evidence to support macro-evolution.)

The article implied that carbon dating is an important tool that supports evolutionary time frames, and declared that creationists challenge this "tool of modern science." Actually, any evolutionist with just a passing knowledge of carbon dating will tell you that it has nothing to do with dating things back to evolutionary time-frames of millions of years (the maximum it could possibly date things would be just over 50,000 years).

Perhaps the silliest comment of all was that Ken Ham's popularity as a speaker is due to his "resemblance to Abraham Lincoln." I have personally organized hundreds of Mr. Ham's meetings over the past 12 years, and not one person ever mentioned this when inviting him to speak. Instead, sponsors requested Mr. Ham because of his command of the subject matter of creation versus evolution and his skills as a speaker.

Lastly, our proposed museum in the Cincinnati area is not a "theme park," a point we made quite clear to the reporter. The facility will be a natural history museum, one that will offer a Biblical perspective of Earth history. The "synthetic" dinosaur exhibits that were disparagingly referred to are actually of higher quality (with all due respect) to those on display at London's venerable natural history museum. Our first-class exhibits will rely on the research of numerous scientists who hold doctorate degrees from such institutions as Harvard, Berkeley, etc., but who reject macro-evolution and accept Genesis as the better explanation of the complexity of life and its origins.

For more information on the creation/evolution issue, go to or contact our AiG sister organization in Leicester.

Mark Looy
Answers in Genesis

To view the article written against AiG, go to and click on "Back Issues" from the black menu near the top of the page, select the date December 26, 1999 from the pop-down menus then press the "view issue" button, press the "proceed" button, scroll down and click on "world", then select article "Dinosaurs put bite on Darwin".

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