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Biblical Creation: Strengthening Your Defenses

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Author: Terry Mortenson, PhD
Published:September 21, 2010
Length:66.00 minutes

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For 200 years, Western Christians have been told that the Bible is not clear about how long God took to create, or how old the earth is. But is that true? This important presentation looks at biased objections that have been voiced against the young-earth view. These objections include:

  • Genesis 1 is not a historical narrative to be taken literally
  • Too much happened on day 6 for it to be 24 hours
  • Genesis 1 and 2 are contradictory creation accounts
  • The Bible is not a science textbook
  • Genesis 1 was written as a polemic against pagan ancient Near-Eastern creation myths

You will see that, under careful scrutiny with an open Bible, these objections crumble.

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