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Concrete floor slab poured in Creation Museum

17 July 2003

The concrete floor slab for the south side of the museum was recently poured. Modern technology made for a smooth and relatively quick finish!

Museum floor preped
First, the ground is prepared by grading out the gravel to the exact elevation, installing plastic to guard against moisture and then laying the wire mesh reinforcing that will be in the concrete.

Concrete is delivered in trucks.
Trucks loading pump Concrete is dumped into pump so it can be placed in the right location from overhead with little effort.
Concrete pump
The boom of the pump can be operated by remote control so the operator can be right with the crew placing the concrete.
Remote pump operator
The remote operator is in the foreground with the harness.
Concrete being poured onto floor
Concrete is placed on the ground and the reinforcing is pulled up into the concrete.
Concrete being poured onto floor
Laser guided leveler
Concrete is leveled using a laser-guided machine. The laser guide is in the foreground, the leveler is in the background.
Laser guided leveler
Laser-guided leveler.
Concrete floor slab being poured
Here is what the whole scene looks like.

And here is the finished concrete slab.

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