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Nature trail update

18 August 2003

Nature trail As you can see, we are making progress on the Lakeside Adventure Trail, thanks to the help of many volunteers! The path is laid out and covered with gravel. Now we need to build bridges and boardwalks, clear any potentially hazardous dead trees and branches, landscape, construct the bird blinds and eventually pave the trail. In addition to the remaining construction work, we must finish designing and creating the signs for the trail. Obviously there is a lot of work still to be done, but we’re thrilled to be well on the way to a finished trail because it could potentially open even before the museum building opens!

Matching gift opportunity

So far about one-third of the $17,500 matching challenge grant for the nature trail has been raised! That is exciting, but we still need to raise much more to make the most of the generous offer by a Kentucky men’s group to match donations that will result in a total of $35,000 to purchase labor, equipment and materials to finish building this trail. To participate in this double-your-donation opportunity, simply indicate that your gift is for the nature trail.

Trail photos

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Nature trail Nature trail Nature Trail
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