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Another acclaimed expert joins Team AiG!

17 September 2003

Carolyn MantoWork is cranking up at AiG’s Creation Museum, as the Lord keeps dropping new talent in our laps. Carolyn Manto, a nationally recognized sculptor (specializing in the human form), joined our team last week.

A recent college graduate (summa cum laude at Hillsdale College, 2001), Carolyn has already won two awards at the prestigious National Sculpture Competition—for her sculptures of humans. Along with her experience as a teacher’s assistant and apprentice, she’s had several exhibitions, and her work appears in a number of private collections. Just recently, she returned from nine months in Florence, Italy, where she did extended research and study under master sculptors.

When her friend Stephanie Fazekas told her about the wonderful opportunities at AiG, Carolyn applied right away. ‘I always thought it would be great if there was a museum based on the true history of Genesis—I had never heard of anything like that before,’ she says. ‘I am happy to be able to use my skills to help depict the events of creation.’

Carolyn will work with the other artists on the design team, preparing small-scale models—and eventually life-size figures—to fill the museum. Adam, Eve, Cain, Noah, Abraham, Nimrod, Mary, a centurion … who knows what fantastic Bible characters will come to life when the museum finally opens?

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