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Building the Creation Museum—a corporate affair

1 October 2003

Many businesses have loaned or donated much-needed equipment and services to assist the museum project. In appreciation of what they have done to help, and to help you think of ways you could help through your own company or business contact, we wanted to share these examples:

Tree chipper
Arbor Management Associates' tree chipper. Click for larger image.
  • M & TR of Columbus, OH has allowed the ministry to use a pressure washer, air compressor, concrete vibrator, walk behind compactor and other tools at no charge. The pressure washer came in handy for cleaning other equipment and for use in the process of making Redi-Rock (see below) blocks for a retaining wall. Volunteers and staff used the compactor along the nature trails, compacting the soil and gravel to make a smooth path.

  • A faithful supporter who owns a business called Spray & Grow in Crossville, TN, brought a hydro-seeder to the museum property and planted grass in areas around the lake for erosion control.

  • Another supporter who is an electrician acquired free light fixtures through a contact with a lighting manufacturer.

  • Through the donated use of ‘Redi-Rock’ forms (to mold concrete into blocks) and lots of volunteer help, we were able to build a beautiful, natural-looking retaining wall near the north side of the building (see Making a difference—‘Gifts in Kind’).

  • Warehouse
    Pallet racking in AiG's book warehouse. Click for larger image.
  • Arbor Management Associates (Indiana) brought a crew, bucket truck, stump grinder, and other equipment to the museum site and removed at least 40 trees, saving the ministry thousands of dollars. The trees were either dead or dying and needed to be removed to make the nature trail safe (see Local Arborist Volunteers Time and Services at Museum Property).

  • With the help of three area companies (and several volunteers), AiG was able to install new pallet racking for the resource shipping operation during a move into a new warehouse in June of 2002. SACHS of Florence, KY donated the racking, and bolts and edge anchors to put the shelves together were donated through Lauren Industries (Columbus, OH) and Hillman (Cincinnati, OH) (see The Nuts & Bolts of Gifts in Kind).

We greatly appreciate the generosity and service of these companies. With their help and the help of other AiG volunteers, supporters and prayer partners, the Creation Museum will become a mighty weapon in the battle for truth!

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