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Creation Museum update

The Nuts & Bolts of Gifts in Kind

June 3, 2002

The Lord continues to richly bless Answers in Genesis through our Gifts in Kind program! Gifts in kind are donations of materials and/or services in lieu of a cash gift. Many times individuals and businesses are able to make valuable donations ‘in kind’ even though they are not in a financial position to make a normal monetary contribution. Sometimes these ‘in kind’ gifts are even more valuable to the ministry than the amount of cash gift that could be given!

The Creation Museum (currently under construction) has received many generous gifts of fossils, taxidermy, minerals, construction materials, discounted services, and much more from the many supporters who want to be involved in the project!

We want to share with you an example of how gifts in kind can really come together to save the ministry time and money. We are in the process of consolidating several smaller warehouses into one larger facility in the same building as our current headquarters, which means considerable savings in lease payments as well as much smoother management. The warehouses being moved currently house all of the bulk storage of books, the resource shipping operation, and museum storage (including the dinosaur models, as well as the large horseshoe crab, fish, and other big items purchased at auction in Baltimore).

Pallet RackingFirst, SACHS Automotive of America (Florence, KY) donated all of the pallet racking we will need to reorganize the warehouses when they are moved! The racking is practically new and will meet the needs perfectly. Not only will it allow for a smooth transition because the books can be put on shelves as soon as they are moved into the new warehouse, but it will also allow us to use the older racking for vertical storage of museum exhibit material!

Next, as we were preparing to install the racking, the Gifts in Kind Coordinator, Skip Tilton, decided to call some contacts who sell bolts, fasteners, and similar hardware. Within one day, he had contacted two friends of the ministry who offered to donate all of the special fasteners needed to assemble the racking. One man donated 400 wedge anchors through Hillman Fasteners of Cincinnati, and another man donated 3,000 nuts and bolts through E-Quiver, Inc. of Columbus! Altogether, the donations of materials from the three companies are saving AiG thousands of dollars that can be used to present the life changing message of the museum!

Many people have contacted AiG and expressed an interest in helping the museum with the resources available through their businesses. We have an extensive database of contacts, which we can search by keyword when specific needs arise. We are so thankful for this treasure trove of friends the Lord has brought to the ministry!

If you would like to offer materials or services for the construction of the Creation Museum, please contact our Gifts in Kind coordinator.

To make an online donation to this exciting international Bible-proclaiming outreach, go to the U.S. donations area and designate museum. Thank you for your support!
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