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Creation Museum update

Mission teams make a move

August 2, 2002

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Van Raalte
Crossroads Christian Fellowship
Evang Baptist
Sword Deaf College
Tri-County Bible Church
Calvary Baptist Church

The months of June and July went by in a flash here at AiG, but when we look around at all of the work accomplished by seven mission teams and other volunteers in that time, it seems like it should have taken several months! It is amazing what the Lord can accomplish through His servants in a short amount of time!

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit the AiG-US offices, you might know that, until now, the operations were spread out into 3 different areas: the main office, the museum warehouse, and the book warehouse. The warehouses were a short drive from the main office. You might not have known that, in addition to those spaces, AiG has been utilizing storage space in Xenia, Ohio (about a 2 hour drive from the main office) for most of the big museum exhibit items, including almost every display that was purchased in the Baltimore auction.

Earlier this year, AiG was given the opportunity to rent a huge warehouse space in the same building as the main office at a very reasonable cost! The use of this new space allows us to consolidate the book warehouse and all of the museum storage under one roof—saving considerable lease payments and making management more efficient.

The moving of all of the museum material and bulk storage of books, videos, etc., without significant down time of everyday operations was made possible by over 77 volunteers! The mission teams:

  • set up pallet racking in the new warehouse
  • cleaned the warehouse shelving
  • loaded and unloaded trucks to move materials
  • put the stock on the shelves in the new book warehouse
  • cleaned the old warehouses
  • helped in the day-to-day ministry operations as well!

The staff of AiG are very thankful for th e people who so graciously shared in the burden of this move so that most of us could continue our ongoing work and not fall behind during the transition.


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