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Answers magazine is the Bible-affirming, creation-based magazine from Answers in Genesis. In it you will find fascinating content and stunning photographs that present creation and worldview articles along with relevant cultural topics from different authors. Each quarterly issue includes a detachable chart, a pullout children’s magazine, a unique animal highlight, excellent layman and semi-technical articles plus bonus content from the website. Our purpose is to equip you, our reader, with practical answers so you can confidently communicate the gospel and biblical authority with accuracy. Why wait? Subscribe today!

Creation Museum update

Cloning at AiG?

February 7, 2002

Recently a sea anemone living in the 500-Gallon saltwater aquarium (which was purchased at a museum auction in Baltimore) was split, essentially producing a clone. No, this was not a high-tech experiment in cloning being conducted here at AiG; rather it was ‘just’ the design of the Almighty Creator at work!

The bubble-tipped anemone, pictured at left, has the ability to split itself into two anemones under high-stress situations. The high-stress situation in this case was that the anemone, which can move about seeking ideal light and water flow conditions, moved to near the surface where the water flows through slots and down to the sump where it is filtered. The tentacles of the anemone were being pulled through the slots while the base was attached to the side of the overflow box.

When we found it there on a Monday morning, we thought the anemone might not recover from its injuries. However, later that day, it had actually split into two anemones, which significantly increased the odds of having at least one survive! This event is just a small example of how living exhibits (like the saltwater aquarium) in the Discovery Center will testify to the wisdom and power of the Creator!

Bush FamilyVolunteer Highlights:

Bobby, Cheryl and Michael Bush of Baker, LA spent about a week volunteering at Answers in Genesis in December 2001. They were a tremendous help to the ministry, packing books for seminars, preparing mailings by sorting for bulk mail and placing stamps on envelopes, and assisting with other projects. Volunteers like the Bush family save the ministry time and money, and they often seem to come just when we are in a pinch and need a helping hand to catch up on the work.

Several groups have already contacted us about bringing mission teams this spring and summer. If your family, church group, or school would like to discuss volunteer opportunities, please contact Sharon Mardis.


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