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Creation Museum update

AiG Supporters Help Raise Museum Funds

February 25, 2002

People have been asking how they can become involved in raising funds for the building program of the Creation Museum. Here are some of the unique ideas supporters have already come up with:

Steve Dickinson'Steve Dickinson ran in the Fox Cities Marathon in October 2000 and donated the money he raised to the Creation Museum!'
  • One family decided to save their pocket change for one year to donate to the museum.
  • Another family decided they would hold a bake sale and donate the proceeds.

  • Two sisters organized a roller skating party using Buddy Davis’ music as background music. They invited people by use of flyers and phone calls.

  • Several VBS groups used their collection proceeds for the museum building program.

  • A marathon runner ran and donated his receipts to the museum building program.

  • An auction was held with proceeds going to the museum.

  • A golf outing/dinner was organized by one of our supporters for the benefit of the museum.

  • Several have donated old cars to an organization that donates the proceeds to charitable organizations.

  • Several have done matching gifts through their place of work.

  • Some mentioned donating 10% of their tax refund.

  • Some of the children’s clubs from churches have sent their offerings for the museum.

  • A Sunday School class is praying about donating their offerings each month to support the building program as a mission.

'Steve Dickinson ran in the Fox Cities Marathon in October 2000 and donated the money he raised to the Creation Museum!'

A Vacation Bible School (VBS) at Grace Baptist Church in LaPorte, Indiana, featured the delightful archaeologist Rocky Rockhound, who challenged young people with the life-changing truths of God’s Word. The children sent a love offering of over $250 for the museum!

A fund raiser does not have to yield large amounts of money. God has used these people already. Maybe you can think of a unique way to raise funds to help us build this museum for the glory of God!


VBS- La Porte, Indiana

To make an online donation to this exciting international Bible-proclaiming outreach, go to the U.S. donations area and designate museum. Thank you for your support!

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