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The ‘Wow’ factor

12 July 2004

‘Wow!’ ‘I didn’t know the museum was going to be so big!’ ‘I had no idea it was being done on such a professional level.’

Creation Museum Walk-through

Creation Museum Walk-through

Check out the Creation Museum Walk-through, featuring over 30 sketches of exhibit concepts.

Creation Museum front walkway. Click image to view more photos.

We’ve heard innumerable comments like these from recent visitors to the Creation Museum construction site. Upon walking into the building for a hard-hat tour, they gasp in surprise.

We wish there was a way to show all of you who can’t visit how ‘big’ it really is! The pictures just don’t do it justice. [But a new ‘walk-through’ feature on the museum website (see box, right) may give you some idea!]

Now that the building is only about two months from completion, its ‘wow’ factor is increasing. Construction crews will be replaced by exhibit designers, working furiously for the next 2–3 years.

Seem like a long time? Quality museum attractions take time. Biblical history exhibits aren’t exactly mass-produced and available at stores. We’re really talking ‘one-of-a-kind’ here!

Design crews on-site will sculpt realistic scenery, like three towering rocky waterfalls over 20 ft high, massive boulders and humongous trees (after all, God created mature trees on Day 3, and they must have been impressive).

All kinds of greenery will liven up the scene. But each leaf and fruit must be molded and cast to fill the lush Garden of Eden.

Sculpture of Methuselah. Click image to enlarge.

Sculpture of Eve. Click image to enlarge.

Already our on-staff sculptors are busy creating life-sized figures to represent Adam, Eve, Methusaleh, and others of the 43 human characters in the museum.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Many exotic animals will fill the garden and the rooms of the Ark, and we can’t create them in two days like God. To make it even more challenging, we have never even seen animals quite like them before. Sure, we’ve seen modern cats and elephants, but they are the descendants of the original cat and elephant kinds, which no longer exist (see ‘Representing the “world that then was” …’).

Here’s another challenge: ‘wow’ a general audience with an exhibit on radiocarbon dating. Many people want a young-earth explanation of the dating methods that supposedly prove millions of years, but not many people would read a 1,000 word sign in a museum. So we have to make the exhibit fun, short and easy, even for young people to grasp.

Sketch of feline concept. Click image to enlarge.

What about the Ice Age, so-called ape men and the geologic column? We have ideas, but we’re always looking for more effective, dramatic ways to present the much-needed answers to the questions of the day.

We pray that one day thousands will walk out of the museum and not just say ‘wow, that’s a great museum,’ but ‘wow, the Bible really can be trusted, and now I’m better equipped to defend it.’

We’re striving for a ‘wow’ factor that will help change lives.

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