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“Ken Ham and the ministry of Answers in Genesis has done the Christian community a great service in providing us such incredible resources to teach our people and the lost community some of the tenets of our faith. I would encourage you to find out more about this ministry. I also encourage you to visit the Creation Museum, as I have. It will mark you and give you greater Biblical insight into the creation account.”

Dr. Johnny Hunt
President of the Southern Baptist Convention
Sr. Pastor of First Baptist Church Woodstock
Woodstock, Georgia

“Ken Ham has the Answers in Genesis! I would encourage all Pastors and Christian Leaders to consider having Ken come and speak to their people. Your youth and young adults need to hear what Ken has to say in order to be equipped to defend their faith in an environment that is becoming increasingly hostile to Biblical truth.”

Tony Perkins
Family Research Council

“Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis have the gift of informing and challenging the church to engage the culture intellectually, biblically, and spiritually. They take the challenge of equipping the church in these critical areas where most of the church is silent. Their ministry is rare and refreshing.”

Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Springdale and The Church at Pinnacle Hills, Rogers, AR

“The conference gave me a clear perspective on how humanistic the world is today. I appreciated Ken’s willingness to interact with us during each session.”

R. Stephenson

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"The conference gave me a clear perspective on how humanistic the world is today. I appreciated Ken's willingness to interact with us each session."
-R.Stephenson, FL

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