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Video Conference Coordinator

If you have a heart to share the truth of God’s Word right where you are, consider becoming a certified Video Conference Coordinator (VCC) with Answers in Genesis.

If you’re a believer who’s dedicated to the the creation-gospel message, please consider this volunteer ministry with Answers in Genesis.

Become a VCC today For more information, see the tabs below.

The role of the Video Conference Coordinator is to help Answers in Genesis fulfill its commitment to churches and Christian groups who request an Answers teaching conference.

In order to meet the growing demand for our teaching meetings, Answers in Genesis offers a video conference presentation. Trained, certified volunteers use a DVD presentation of a live speaker presentation, thus the content is the same. The benefit is more open dates can be arranged between the VCC and church leadership and at a low cost requirement.

The teaching conference is typically designed to serve smaller churches and Christian organizations. The VCC follows the prescheduled video presentation timeline and manages volunteers in support roles as agreed on by the church leadership in a pre-conference meeting.

Your responsibility as a VCC will involve working with church leadership to design a program for the church family and promote the event throughout it’s community by use of bulletin inserts and posters, printed by Answers in Genesis to maintain standards and content of an Answers in Genesis conference. VCCs do not make live content presentations at a video conference, nor do they conduct a question and answer session.

AiG will work with the VCC and the requesting organization to schedule the time, dates, and the program content. Once coordinated, it will be the VCC’s responsibility to manage the details as mentioned above and be willing to incur the expenses associated with this volunteer AiG ministry.

The VCC will be supplied with resources that are shipped to their residence prior to the conference date at no cost to them. Also included are items to process the resource sales and administrative duties, a credit card slide, and a pre-paid Priority Mail envelope to return reports to AiG.

After the video presentation, the VCC manages the resource table, directing individuals to the proper resources, promoting Answers magazine, and obtaining AiG newsletter signups. When the conference is over, the VCC is responsible for teardown and preparing all reports required by AiG. The church will be asked to designate a love offering for the event to assist the ministry.

To begin, please read our Mission Statement and our Statement of Faith (Note: links will open in a new window or tab; just close each window to continue):

It is assumed, and will be a part of the interview, that each candidate express a personal relationship with Christ and wishes to be active through the power of the Holy Spirit to help parents and children know the Creator and Savior as presented in the Bible.

Answers in Genesis is looking for couples who have the time and resources to dedicate to the message that AiG gives. The VCC must have the ability to lift up to 50 pounds and be available for a video conference request and serve at AiG live speaker events that would be compatible with individual VCC calendar.

Answers in Genesis also requires a statement of faith, a signed agreement with the AiG mission, references indicating your history and interest in Christian service at church or para-church organizations, and a background check.

Answers in Genesis will host a Saturday in-house training session for all qualified applicants. This training will be all inclusive and will result in certification. Training consists of promoting and planning a video conference, resource management (books, DVDs, etc.), how to process purchases, product display, and inventory.

2014 VCC Training Class Deadlines:
Training Date is April 26, 2014.
Application is due by February 1, 2014.

Please download the promotional card below about this evangelical ministry:

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"The conference gave me a clear perspective on how humanistic the world is today. I appreciated Ken's willingness to interact with us each session."
-R.Stephenson, FL

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