Convert: From Adam to Christ

Written by Emilio Ramos
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  • Format: Softcover
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5"
  • Length: 183 pages
  • Technicality: Adult
  • Ages: 12 and up
  • Publisher: Bridge-Logos Publishers
  • Published: 2012
  • SKU: 10-4-388
Deeply expositional, richly theological, amazingly practical, Convert examines the subject of conversion in its biblical context. Convert shows how everything we lost in Adam we gain in Christ. It is God’s job to convert the soul. In this book you will understand how and why He does it. Convert is an invaluable tool for pastors, evangelists, and anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of the mysteries of conversion.


Evangelicalism could use a little house cleaning. The modern-day message of "Say a prayer, sign your Bible, and you are now a Christian," has produced disastrous fruit, yielding a bumper crop of false converts. Emilio’s book will go a long way in bringing clarity to the all-important issue of salvation for the preacher and parishioner alike.

—Todd Friel, Host of "Wretched Radio"

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