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Living in a Fallen World

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These are the best booklets we know for easy-to-read answers to some of life's most common questions and concerns.

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  • Help! I Can't Submit to my Husband Buy Individually

    The world's idea of a submissive wife is humorous at best. Yet God's idea is to give her the freedom to be the special person she was created to be. This booklet looks at God's idea of submission, defines what it does and does not mean, considers its implications in marriage, dispels lies, and ends with practical helps for application.

  • Help! I'm Depressed Buy Individually

    "Why is it so hard? Why doesn't the Lord answer my prayers?" Sometimes the circumstances of our lives overwhelm us and we plunge into depression and despair. This booklet uses biblical examples to show that even in the midst of great sorrow we can trust God's sovereign purposes, respond in faith, and know peace and even joy.

  • Help! I'm Drowning in Debt Buy Individually

    Unpaid bills, heavy mortgage or loan repayments, rising living costs...and no end in sight. Do you feel as if you are drowning in debt? If so, you are not alone. Debt is a universal problem today, but there are things you can do. This booklet looks at the causes of debt—spiritual and societal—and offers practical and biblical guidance for escaping financial bondage.

  • Help! Someone I Love Has Been Abused Buy Individually

    Abuse is a growing problem. Those who have been abused need help, and the all-sufficient Word of God provides the wisdom we need to offer comfort, practical aid, and guidance to those who are hurting. This booklet does not deal with every aspect of abuse but discusses biblical principles that will apply to all situations.

  • Help! He is Struggling With Pornography Buy Individually

    Sexually explicit material is more readily available now than ever before, and a struggle with pornography is often the greatest snare for a Christian man today. So how can a Christian man find victory over pornography? This booklet presents the only true solution: God's power working through the gospel within the context of the local church.

  • Help! I Can't Get Motivated Buy Individually

    Do you put off jobs until another day? Have you got work to do, but just can't get round to doing it? Why do you lack motivation? Adam Embry gets to the heart of this issue: it's not to do with a lack of willpower, but because we are controlled by sin and so fail to be the wise and diligent workers God created us to be. The solution is found in the gospel.

  • Help! Someone I Love Has Alzheimers Buy Individually

    A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease for someone we love can fill us with fear. How can we honor God when faced with this? This booklet will help you understand Alzheimer's, learn about its practical implications, and, by meditating upon God's Word, submit to God s perfect will and find peace and joy along the journey.

  • Help! I Want to Change Buy Individually

    "Why can't I change?" Have you ever asked this? Maybe you want more discipline in your eating habits. Or perhaps you struggle to keep your spending under control or maintain daily Bible reading and prayer. Change is hard. This booklet explains that it is the gospel that is the key to change and that empowers us to make changes that will please God.

  • Help! I Can't Forgive Buy Individually

    What is one of the most common refrains heard in homes, relationships, churches, and even our culture at large? "I can't forgive!" The struggle to forgive someone who has wronged us is universal. What is the answer? A fresh look at the gospel! Join the author as he takes you through a five-stop journey toward biblical forgiveness.

  • Help! I Feel Ashamed Buy Individually

    Do feelings of shame baffle you or hold you hostage? Shame can overwhelm us, leading to confusion, fear, and desperate behavior. This booklet uses case studies and practical examples to examine the true causes of shame and present hope through Jesus Christ, regardless of your past. Learn to answer shame His way and find victory

  • Help! I am A Slave to Food Buy Individually

    Overeating is a silent, subtle, even respectable sin—but it hinders the spiritual growth and effectiveness of many. Perhaps you struggle with it too. If so, this booklet can help you—not as a diet plan, but as a compass directing you to the heart of the problem and to the only solution: Jesus, the One who can bring you out of slavery into freedom.

  • Help! I'm Living with Terminal Illness Buy Individually

    We don't find it easy to face death. Yet every life has an expiration date. Written with a pastor's heart for those suffering with a terminal diagnosis and for their family and friends, this booklet conveys practical advice, spiritual consolation, and, most importantly, an eternal hope which the dying process cannot diminish and death cannot extinguish.

  • Help! My Teen is Gay Buy Individually

    Homosexuality is perhaps one of the most hotly debated subjects today. But what do you do when the issue comes closer to home: when your teen tells you that he or she is gay? This booklet goes to the Bible to find clear answers, direction, and hope at a time when anger and grief may threaten to overshadow wisdom and discernment.

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