The Origin of Humans

Neandertals, Australopithecines and Other Famous Creatures

Featuring Mike Riddle
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  • Format: DVD
  • Dimensions: 5.25" x 7.5"
  • Length: 68 minutes
  • Technicality: Adult
  • Ages: 15 and up
  • Publisher: Training ETC
  • SKU: 30-9-114

Neandertals, australopithecines and other famous creatures: three case studies and an evaluation of the mechanisms for change.


From the publisher

A brief history of mistakes and textbooks

Three case studies

  • Neandertals: Who were they?
  • Lucy and the australopithecines
  • A new apeman: ramidus

An evaluation of the mechanisms for change

  • Natural selection
  • Mutations

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