2012 London Olympic Outreach

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Location: London, England
Date: August 2–12, 2012
Cost: $2699 (see below)

Price includes:

  • Housing
  • Air transportation from Newark, NJ
  • Food
  • Tips
  • Entrance fees
  • Bag porter
  • Coaches with bathroom


The Belsey Bridge Resort provides housing that will include various size hotel-type rooms and dormitory housing. Belsey Bridge has an extraordinary in-house chef who will provide us three exceptional meals per day. Included will be box meals (nine items daily) for lunch when we are in London. He will be planting a special garden in the spring to meet our needs.

From its earliest days, Answers in Genesis has been about seeing people’s lives changed by the gospel. This desire for evangelism is precisely the reason AiG will take an outreach team to the London Games. Dr. David Crandall (above right) will be leading the outreach as his sixth Olympic ministry. Ken Ham (above left) will travel to London and speak at evening sessions to those participating in the outreach.

The Olympics provide a wonderful opportunity to fulfill the scriptural mandate to take the gospel to the whole world. Answers in Genesis once again will be attending these Olympic Games to evangelize and distribute gospel literature. We are praying for 150 people to participate in this missionary adventure of a lifetime. We hope AiG supporters in England and in the USA will join together in an effort to reach the world for Christ. The Lord has greatly used this outreach in previous years; for example, over 250 people made professions of faith at the games in Athens, Greece.

Each day we will leave the Belsey Bridge Resort and travel by commercial coaches to various locations near the Olympic venues, break up into groups, and pray for Divine Appointments with people from around the world who need the Lord. We will also have the opportunity to join the Ken Ham seminars that will be held in or near our resort location. What a great opportunity to minister to people during the day and to be ministered to in the evening.

Please prayerfully consider this great adventure with AiG and whether God would have you be a short-term missionary to people from across the world for 10 days. We are interested in family groups, youth groups, senior groups, church groups, and everyone who wants to be used of God in this exciting missionary outreach.

The Crandalls and outreach team London Architecture