On 60 billboards around Cincinnati, Ohio (AiG-US’s “backyard”), we have advertised our new Web site OneHumanRace.com to educate citizens about “races” and racism in the wake of the recent Cincinnati “race riots.”

Through this Web site, we wanted to reach people with the truth of God’s Word and its real history of the world that shows that:

  • all people are of one race (Acts 17:26)
  • we are all equal before God
  • we all have the same problem (sin), and
  • all of us, no matter what our background or culture, need to judge our attitudes against the absolute authority of the Word of God.

Other material is included to lead people to the Gospel of Christ.

We have been thrilled with the response to the Web site promoted on the billboards (over 1,000 people visited the site on the first day!), including the following:

  • “I saw your billboard. Thank you for your clear and honest presentation of both scientific and Biblical teaching. I am an engineer…who has been blessed by the work God is doing through you.” --E.K., Cincinnati
  • “The anti-racism billboards are exciting! This is precisely what Jesus meant by being ‘salt".” --J.W., Plano, TX
  • But here’s a harsh one: “I find it appalling that…you are defaming evolution on the basis of racism…I ask that you take down the billboards.” --J.K. (state unknown)

I trust you are encouraged to see just another way that God has been enabling AiG to proclaim the life-changing Creation/Gospel message.

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