The first edition of Evolution Exposed featured three textbooks used by many public schools throughout the US. After receiving numerous requests, we have added another textbook to the lineup.

The Prentice Hall Biology book by Ken Miller and Joe Levine contains the same old evidences for evolution that have been debunked by creation scientists time and time again. With 70,000 copies of the first edition of Evolution Exposed circulating around the world, the addition of another popular textbook will only serve to equip more students to defend the authority of Scripture.

Many will be interested to know that Ken Miller is a self-proclaimed Roman Catholic who promotes evolution. Miller’s book, Finding Darwin’s God, details how he reconciles his faith in God and the role that evolution has played in the history of life on earth. Ultimately, Miller accepts the god that Darwin described in Origin of the Species.

The second edition of Evolution Exposed contains all of the original content plus references to all of the evolutionary and anti-biblical content from the Miller/Levine textbook. Students will now be equipped to respectfully challenge the evolutionary indoctrination promoted by this popular textbook as well. Note that our online version of this important book has been updated as well.

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