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The new menu bar at the top of the site (or you can just scroll up!).

Regular visitors to will be among the first to notice a major change to our website design unveiled today: the addition of a site-wide menu bar at the very top of our web pages. Using this “intersite highway,” users can easily and quickly navigate to several of the most popular locations in the Answers in Genesis Family of Websites.

The new menu also features attractive drop-down previews of the other website home pages so you can see exactly where you’re going to land!

Let’s take a brief look at the websites linked from the new menu:

  • Answers in Genesis ( Home to faith-building articles (including responses to feedback), biographies, event coverage, and educational and support information.
  • Creation Museum ( The official website for the Bible-upholding, 70,000 sq. ft. “walk through history” museum.
  • Answers Magazine ( The online presence of Answers magazine, the premier publication of Answers in Genesis. The website features full articles from past issues and supplemental online materials to current issues.
  • Kids Answers ( Answers in Genesis’ kids site has a wealth of informative and family-friendly games, articles, videos, and activities for kids of all ages.
  • Research Journal ( The free, fully online, professional research journal of Answers in Genesis. Still in its first year, the Journal already offers nearly a hundred pages worth of research into the creation model for online viewing.
  • Worldwide: The headquarters for Answers in Genesis’ international outreach, with events and translations materials for missionaries and non-English speakers.
  • more: The menu also links to our web page detailing our family of websites, including,, and

Joel Leineweber, lead designer for Answers in Genesis websites, explained the rationale for the new menu. “Our online presence has really grown in the last few years. We’ve added multiple sites, each with their own custom design, so we needed an easy way for our users to navigate between our family of websites,” he explained. “The new functionality also helps users know which page they’re on by showing the currently active site.”

The goal for this new menu, in addition to making navigation between our websites more convenient, is to make sure visitors are aware of our numerous well-designed, visually appealing, Bible-upholding websites that serve various demographics. It’s just another way the staff at Answers in Genesis is hard at work to make excellent teaching about the importance of Scripture available to Christians and non-Christians alike.

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