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Answers magazine is the Bible-affirming, creation-based magazine from Answers in Genesis. In it you will find fascinating content and stunning photographs that present creation and worldview articles along with relevant cultural topics from different authors. Each quarterly issue includes a detachable chart, a pullout children’s magazine, a unique animal highlight, excellent layman and semi-technical articles plus bonus content from the website. Our purpose is to equip you, our reader, with practical answers so you can confidently communicate the gospel and biblical authority with accuracy. Why wait? Subscribe today!

What are ‘Gifts in Kind’?

‘Gifts in Kind’ let YOU help Answers in Genesis build the Creation Museum!

Creation MuseumWe are seeking God’s blessing in a $25 million capital campaign for the constructing of this much-needed center. Your help will enable AiG to offer testimony to a biblically based Christian worldview.

You see, AiG is not only taking monetary donations, but is also using a ‘Gifts in Kind’ approach to make this project a reality. This concept provides opportunities for individuals and companies from all over the world to participate in building this exciting project by providing construction-related services and materials — at or below cost — as a gift to the Lord’s work (or transforming them into an outright cash gift). For example, A.M. Kinney Associates Inc., a major Cincinnati architectural firm, donated a significant portion of its services to the project.

AiG is presenting you with a special opportunity to share with us in this exciting project to benefit generations to come. The Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center will enable Christians to uphold their faith and will serve as a witness to tens of thousands of unbelievers!

You can have the opportunity to invest in the current campaign with the resources God has made available to you. Whether it be your skills, services, or assets, you can have the joy and blessing of participating in this unique outreach. Your prayers and gifts (cash or non-cash) will help us make this vision a reality!

Please prayerfully consider your level of partnership with AiG in this exciting venture of proclaiming Biblical authority and the gospel.

To participate in the gift in kind program, please fill out this online form.

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